Importance of Theatre in Education

Theatre has been inspirational for those who love acting and the arts in general. But did you know that theatre in education has been beneficial for students, whether actors or not? Theatre in the education process is a useful way to keep children, and even older students engaged, influenced, challenged, and inspired by the different social issues and life choices through artistic educational techniques. Professors all over the world use this method to further help students become more aware of their actions and emotions. It is being used in education as it will push students to become more attentive of different important things in life, like human behaviour, decisions, and emotions.
There are now lots of schools that have this program offered to their students. With this, you will know further the importance of theatre in education. When you have tried this program, you will know the answer to the question ‘why theatre is important?’ These days, students who have undergone theatre in education are taking advantage of the benefits that it has to offer.

Significance of Theatre in Education

1. It inspires
When live theatre is used in educating students, they become engaged and inspired to do better in school and that in life. Seeing the lessons in live theatre makes it easier to understand and absorb information. You can even be inspired to become an actor in a live theatre when you keep on watching the performances.
2. It affects perceptions
When you try this method of education, you will get to think of the issues on a personal level. You will have the chance to use your own thinking about issues, especially those happening in our society. With live theatre showing the issues, your mind will go to work and produce your own perceptions and opinions.
3. It motivates
With the use of drama and live theatre as a tool to educate people, you will learn ways to discover your strengths and become more confident and motivated to achieve whatever you want to achieve.
4. It easily transcends messages
The live acting will easily relay the message that the performance would like to share. Seeing live actions will make your mind and emotions go to work and easily absorb what the message is.
5. It improves the quality of learning
Students that took this program have taken advantage of the better quality of learning it offers. It will tackle the visual, motor skills, acting, aural, and other aspects of learning. This method is more fun, especially for younger students.
If the typical classroom-type of education bores you, then you should try a TIE or Theatre in your education. This will bring you a different experience in the education process and will help you learn in a different and new way. This can also work hand in hand with the typical classroom setup. The combination of the two will be a huge help in keeping the students well-rounded and balanced, making them become better individuals.
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